Narendra Modi : 10 points on why he is popular.


Narendra Damodardas Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat is marching towards the highest political post. BJP made him the Chief of election campaign which means he would be the man behind administering BJP’s runway to the 2014 elections. Recently, several reputed colleges invited him and Modi as usual mesmerised the audience and filled them with hopes. he focuses on youth. In SRCC, he said, ‘Youth is new age power’.

Here are 10 points on why Narendra Modi is so popular :-

1)  He has been 4 times the Chief Minister out of which 3 times he got elected by whopping majority. Not just Hindus but majority of Muslims support him in Gujarat.

2)  Critics and opposition often try to drag him behind to the 2002 Godhra riots but it has not made him any weaker. His role has never been proved.

3)  Modi is a tremendous speaker, star campaigner and a witty debater.

4)  He speaks extempore and does not do paper reading on public platform which is obviously boring to the audience.

5)  Usage of latest technology gives his great edge and makes him stand apart. Nobody matches him here.

6)  He is master at appropriate usage of words. For instance, in Fergusson college at Pune, he said: ‘”India needs not building universities but building the University.”

7)  Presently, India has 65% of young population and he focuses on youth.

8)  While India feels oppressed and depressed with Manmohan Singh’s no direct dialogue with people, he comes out and speaks on several issues and convinces them with his ideas and modus operandi.

9) Modi’s development politics is the new age politics. He correctly analyzed that people are no more interested in political groups fighting among themselves. Country wants development and that too sustainable and his Gujarat model is a huge hit.

10)  His zero tolerance on corruption and terrorism is his USP. He has shown what he is capable of in Gujarat.


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